Tutoring, Coaching & Consulting
    Assessment of the following skills:

  • Phonological awareness

  • Reading fluency

  • Reading foundation skills

  • Reading Comprehension 

  • Spelling
  •  Written expression (composition)

  •  Handwriting: printing (manuscript) and cursive
  • Vocabulary development

  • Mathematics: foundation skills, number facts fluency, math vocabulary and language, calculations and conceps and word problems

  • Executive functioning skills:  organization and planning

    Instructional programs and materials used:

  • Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program (LiPS)®

  • ​Precision Teaching Methodologies

  • Haughton Learning Center materials 

  • Diana Hanbury King and Whimbey materials for written expression

  • Orton-Gillingham reading program

  • Visualizing and Verbalizing (comprehension)

  • Seeing Stars (symbol imagery development)

    Instructional programs designed for the individual: 

  • Based on goals and objectives arrived at as a result of our informal assessments

  • Individualized and personalized for our students

  • Using an array of accepted, research-based programs to address individual needs

  • Using one-on-one instruction to insure individual needs are addressed

  • Delivered in collaboration with students, parents, teachers and other professionals
Meet Our Team​​
Sherri Beall
M. Ed., Owner
​Certified General Special Education & Learning Disabilities Teacher K-12
Sherri is experienced in providing language-based instruction in all subject areas, with a concentration in mathematics. She has worked in both the public and private school setting for the past ten years as a certified Learning Disabilities Specialist. She is trained in the Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® (LiPS) program and Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment program. Sherri has trained in Precision Teaching in mathematics at the Morningside Teacher's Academy in Seattle, Washington. She integrates her experience and specialized training to provide individual programming for students of all needs and ages. 
Sarah Ramsay
M. Ed., B.S. Ed.,
Certified Early Childhood and
​Montessori trained
Sarah is an early childhood educator with several years of experience working in private school settings internationally and nationally. She graduated from Lesley University in 1994 with a Bachelors of Science in Education and certification in Early Childhood Education. After thirteen years of working as a classroom teacher in diverse settings, she attended Antioch New England Graduate School receiving a Master's Degree in Education. She incorporates her educational background to create enriching experiences; working with individual learning styles and specific cognitive needs.