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Q. What ages are the students who are tutored at Precision Learning?

A. Our typical client is the school age child from kindergarten to high school. In addition, we work with students who are as young as 3 years old and with young adults and adults.
Q. When is tutoring available?

A. Instruction at Precision Learning takes place in a variety of time frames and is available year-round.

School year: We conduct tutoring during the school year typically in the after school hours. However, children who are home-schooled, preschool age children, as well as others for whom the school day is the most appropriate time for instruction, we offer tutoring hours during the day as well. In addition, we are able to meet with some students during the school day if the student's district allows out of district tutoring services.

Summer: We conduct intensive programming during the summer months. This instruction has proven to be a resounding success, as students are free of school concerns to focus on the skills being taught, remediation or enrichment, and great gains are made and maintained. Students are usually seen for multiple hours on multiple days each week for 6 weeks, with appropriate flexability. This model has been successful over the years that we have offered this program.
Q. How is tutoring at Precision Learning different from other popular tutoring agencies?

A. At Precision Learning, the staff memebers are all certified in our fields. Our staff possesses expertise in a variety of areas; for example, learning disabilities, regular education, gifted education, and content area instruction. We have the ability to consult with each other and work collaboratively. We pursue continual training in a wide range of topics which reflect the needs of our students and direction in education. Our instruction is in a one-to-one format, with diagnostic teaching which reacts to the student's abilities and needs. One-to-one instruction is considered more effective than classroom or small group instruction for students who experience difficulty. In many cases, we are able to work together with classroom teachers to support the students.