Tutoring, Coaching & Consulting


After School Tutoring

We have specialized evaluation methods which provide us with specific information about the student's skills. Based on these evaluations, we design programs that target specific areas of need. When working with students, teachers at Precision Learning use methodologies that target individual needs so that progress is continuously being addressed. Teachers are also trained to be sensitive to the need for adjusting individual program goals based on diagnostic prescriptive teaching awareness. Although the use of technology is supported in the learning process as needed, our focus is on skill development via teacher delivery of individualized programs that match the learner's instructional needs.   

Summer Program

Summer programming is essential in maintaining the retention of learned skills in addition to closing the gap in skills that are weak and/or below grade level. Some summer students also benefit from receiving curriculum-based instruction to enhance and prepare for the upcoming school year. At Precision Learning we believe that summer tutoring is crucial in preventing skill regression for both non-disabled and learning-disabled students. We offer flexible scheduling with the number of instructional hours determined by the individual student's needs.  Precision Summer 2019 Brochure.pdf

School District Services

We are pleased to be able to extend our after school specialized instruction services to daytime hours within schools. We have been successfully working with students in both public and private school settings for 15 years. This allows for daily teacher and case manager contact/consultation which has proven to be effective in supporting student success. Our teachers travel to schools to work with students at the times that they are available during the school day.

Precision Learning staff are also available to provide coaching and consultation services to teachers and special education teams. We are able to support teachers in providing effective delivery of instructional programs. We are also effective in working with teams to provide teaching methodologies that allow for data collection from which to determine student progress and teaching goals.


Precision Teaching

Precision Teaching (PT) is a data-based instructional technique which we combine with our curriculum and the programs which we employ. Using this approach, we are able to accelerate the development of skills and knowledge as well as to monitor the effectiveness of instruction. PT specifies carefully researched fluency criteria for each skill and adds this fluency component to our instruction.

Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing (LiPS)®

The LiPS® program is a program which is designed to teach students skills to decode words and to identify individual sounds and blends in words. Students focus on the articulatory features of consonant and vowel sounds. They discover with their teacher that the sounds are not just heard, but seen and felt. The LIPS program is effective in addressing phonemic awareness weaknesses.


Mother of a high school student who has worked with us since fourth grade

Mother of a fourth grade
special needs child

Ever since my daughter has been coming to Precision Learning, LLC her grades, self-confidence and learning styles have improved immensely.

Thanks to of you at Precision Learning, LLC.
I am very pleased with the services my daugher receives at Precision Learning. The instructors truly care about my daughter's progress and are more than willing to adjust to her learning style in order to meet her needs and address her challenges. The communication is excellent and I particularly like how the instructors work together to make her program as seamless as possible.

Special Education Director and mother of current student

Mother of a high school senior

​​I have had the opportunity to work with Precision Learning as both a parent and educator. I have found Precision Learning to deliver exceptional services. As a parent, Precision Learning has provided my child with instruction that meets his unique and individual learning needs. As a Special Education Director, I have found that Precision Learning provides training that supports teachers in developing and enhancing their instructional practices to meet the unique needs of students. I highly recommend Precision Learning.

​Sherri Beall has been a tremendous asset to my son's education. Her instruction has helped him develop his skills in reading, writing and math. With her guidance, my son has been able to participate in general education classes despite significant learning disabilities. Although he works hard with Sherri, he really enjoys their 1:1 instruction time, and he has become a more motivated learner. She has also helped him understand what he needs for learning supports. A few years ago, I didn't know if he would achieve a high school diploma. Now, he is on tract to graudate with his class and he is eager to go to college! Sherri has been a big part of his success.